Posted on June 18, 2021 in News
From 17th June 2021 NEW changes to the Australian COVID-19 Vaccine Program have been announced.
* It is now recommended that Pfizer vaccine is used in adults aged under 60 years.
*OGMC will be a Pfizer vaccination clinic however we are yet to receive any notification as to when we will receive Pfizer vaccinations, we anticipate it will be sometime in mid to late July. Please keep an eye on our social media pages and our web page for up dates.
In the meantime if you wish to receive a Pfizer vaccination they can be obtained at the vaccination hub run by Barwon Health at the Ford Factory in Nth Geelong or at the Bellarine Respiratory Centre in Ocean Grove.
* We will be contacting any patients aged 50-59 who are currently booked to receive their first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to cancel your appointment.
* ATAGI also recommended people of all ages who have had the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine without serious adverse effects should have their second dose of AstraZeneca. It is important people complete their two dose course to protect themselves from COVID-19.
Evidence from the UK shows the rate of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) after a second dose is AstraZeneca is significantly lower than for first doses.
ATAGI’s updated advice is based on new evidence demonstrating a higher risk than originally thought of the rare blood-clotting TTS among people aged 50 to 59.
* OGMC strongly encourages patients who have received their first dose, with no major adverse reaction, to receive their second dose of AstraZeneca as planned.
For patients requesting Pfizer as their second dose, at this time the TGA has not authorized the mixing of vaccines.
The latest statement from the Department of Health can be found here
If you have any concerns regarding your COVID vaccination please book an appointment with your GP to discuss your concerns.